Police Department

Peter J. Belos

Chief Of Police

14450 Manistee Ave.

Burnham, IL 60633

Phone: 911 Emergency

708.891.2122 Non-Emergency



Chief Peter Belos

Chief Peter Belos commenced his law enforcement career in February of 1974 upon being appointed as a police officer with the Burnham Police Department. Since that time Chief Belos has served in all aspects of Municipal Law Enforcement, including over six years as a Deputy Chief of Police and over fourteen years of service as a Chief of Police. Prior assigments include Patrol, Investigations, Juvenile, Tactical Operations as well as assignment to numerous Task Force Operations. During his career Chief Belos has commanded four separate police agencies as the Chief of Police in both the State Of Illinois and in the State Of Indiana. Chief Belos holds a Masters Degree in Police Administration.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Burnham Police Department is to maintain order, preserve and protect the life, peace and property of the citizens of the Village Of Burnham and to enforce the laws within the requirements of the United States Constitution. The police department and the individual members will without favor or prejudice work cooperatively with the public to provide a safe community and strive to enhance the quality of life for all citizens.

Vision Statement
Our vision is community service to the highest standards.

Core Values
The Burnham Police Department will maintain crime prevention as its primary goal while vigorously pursuing those who commit crime.

The Burnham Police Department will continually strive to improve the quality of service we provide to our community. The Burnham Police Department and all of its employees will maintain the highest levels of integrity and professionalism at all times.

The Burnahm Police Department is an organization comprised of employees of integrity committed to providing total quality police service to the community in an honest, fair, professional and courteous manner. We will forge a partnership with the community based on mutual trust, confidence, commitment and communication to maintain and improve the quality of life and promote the safety and welfare of our citizens. The employees of the police department pledge collectively and individually to constantly grow, develop, and engage in reassessment to meet the current and future challenges of our community. The Burnham Police Department exists to meet the village’s objectives for the safety and well being of the residents. This mission is accomplished through people and knowledge our most important resource. In the continuing pursuit of total quality we are guided by the following values:

Respect: We will recognize the worth, quality, diversity, and importance of each other, the people we serve and the police department.

Compassion: We will care about others and respect their feelings.

Integrity: We will be honest and forthright and meet the highest ethical standards. 

Efficiency: We meet society’s expectations and our own responsibility to be prudent with our resources.

Leadership: We will work together to the very best in everything we do.

Police Reports And Records
Copies of certain reports and traffic crash reports are available for a $10.00 fee. You may obtain copies in person via the communications operator 24 hours a day. Certain reports may require supervisory approval for release, other records may require a Freedom of Information Request and certain other records may require a subpoena.

Monthly Beat Meetings
Monthly community beat meetings are held by police officers assigned to your area. Meeting notices are available and posted at the Police/Village Hall Lobby. Notices are usually delivered to residences approximately five(5) days prior to the scheduled meeting. Contact the Police Department for additional information, to obtain date/time of your meeting and to ascertain which beat your residence is located.

Vehicle Stickers
Per Village Ordinance 86-184(B) all vehicles registered or housed within the Village must display a current vehicle sticker. Stickers are available via the Village Clerk’s Office. Current stickers must be displayed commencing on July 1st of every year. Violations will result in citations with a fine of $50.00. Subsequent citations will result in increased fines and the possible impoundment of your vehicle.

Impounded Vehicles
Vehicles impounded by the Police Department will only be released to the owner of the vehicle after proper documentation is presented and a impound release fee is paid. Once your vehicle is released you are liable for any towing fees and storage charges as assessed by the contract towing company.Vehicle impound location:

Wes’s Towing Service
928 Wilson Ave.
Calumet City, Illinois 60409

Animal Concerns
Per Village Ordinance all animals must be leashed and secured at all times for the safety and welfare of the community. Unsecured animals are subject to the owner receiving a citation with fines. Subsequent violations result with increased fines.

Parking And Ordinance Citations
Parking and local ordinance citations are adjudicated as follows:

  1. Pay the fine by the due date
  2. Pay the fine after the due date with late fee
  3. Request a hearing and appear as scheduled
  4. Continued non-payment will result in a referral to collections and a possible arrest warrant and suspension of your drivers license

Contact The Burnham Police Department
By Mail:

Burnham Police Department
14450 S. Manistee Ave.
Burnham Illinois, 60633

By Phone:
Emergency Only 9-1-1
Non-Emergency 708-891-2122
Non-Emergency 708-891-2123
Administrative 708-891-2239
Fax 708-891-5287
E-Mail: burnhampd@aol.com


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